"TheThreeRobbers for living 1"ってこんなこと。

TheThreeRobbers for living 1


Friso Kramer

c0140560_1749344.jpgFK Used Chair With Arm SOLD

c0140560_1751337.jpgFK Used Chair No Arm WHITE SOLD

c0140560_1316356.jpgFK Stool BRN SOLD

c0140560_17542445.jpgFK Stool WHT SOLD

c0140560_17571716.jpgFK Chair drawing red reather SOLD

c0140560_182462.jpgFK Chair Revolt SOLD

c0140560_18164119.jpgFK Chair SOLD

c0140560_1861624.jpgFK Lounge Chair Arm SOLD

c0140560_13172973.jpgFK Office Chair SOLD

c0140560_18103234.jpgFK Arm Chair Red Textile SOLD

c0140560_18115531.jpgFK Arm Chair Black Leather SOLD

c0140560_18132355.jpgFK Directors chair SOLD

c0140560_1819587.jpgFK Table SOLD

c0140560_18215263.jpgFK Table 200cm SOLD

c0140560_1829426.jpgFK Table Small SOLD

c0140560_18352015.jpgFK table 140cm SOLD

c0140560_18353275.jpgFK table 140cm SOLD

c0140560_18371150.jpgFK table 100cm

c0140560_18382192.jpgFK metal desk BlK SOLD

c0140560_18383210.jpgFK metal desk Wht SOLD

c0140560_18395088.jpgFK Table Compass Leg SOLD

c0140560_15504998.jpgFK Small Square Table Wht SOLD


Cees Braakman

c0140560_1857523.jpgCB Chair Like C. Braakman SOLD

c0140560_18585177.jpgCB Wired Chair SOLD

c0140560_1925078.jpgCB Chair SOLD

c0140560_1952213.jpgCB Chair Made in 1956 SOLD

c0140560_1973493.jpgCB Sofa

c0140560_1914186.jpgCB Lounge Chair Wooden Mesh SOLD

c0140560_2023232.jpgCB Lounge Chair Wooden Mesh High

c0140560_19154915.jpgCB Sofa

c0140560_19173511.jpgCB Dinner Set SOLD

c0140560_19201712.jpgCB Dinning Table Set (6 chairs) SOLD

c0140560_192951.jpgCB Tabel Set (Chair SB01) SOLD

c0140560_1931138.jpgCB Cabinet 2 Drawers + Glass Top B SOLD

c0140560_193598.jpgCB Cupboard SOLD

c0140560_19385757.jpgCB Cupboard with Rare Drawers SOLD

c0140560_19411079.jpgCB Unit with 5 Drawers

c0140560_19424734.jpgCB Trolley 60's

c0140560_19442174.jpgCB Cup Board SOLD

c0140560_19461282.jpgCB Pastoe Cabinet Biggest edition SOLD

c0140560_1948839.jpgCB.Pastoe Small Cabinet

c0140560_1949481.jpgCB Cabinet with just Photo SOLD

c0140560_19512818.jpgCB Small Box shape sideboard SOLD

c0140560_1955229.jpgCB Cabinet High with White Lid SOLD

c0140560_1957375.jpgCB small drawer unit SOLD

c0140560_201559.jpgCB 60's Cabinet (2 White panel each side) SOLD

c0140560_2033445.jpgCB Cup Board SOLD

c0140560_2011564.jpgCB Cabinet Small SOLD

c0140560_20133536.jpgCB Small Round Table SOLD

c0140560_20152144.jpgCB Expandable Round Table

c0140560_2016511.jpgCB Small Round Table with Pastoe Stamp SOLD

c0140560_20182127.jpgCB Squire Table with Pastoe Stamp

c0140560_20195821.jpgCB Writing Table SOLD

c0140560_20213385.jpgCB Small Table 2 parts SOLD

c0140560_20224736.jpgCB Desk Curved

c0140560_15334382.jpgCB Dinning Table SOLD

c0140560_202469.jpgCB Table Damaged SOLD

c0140560_20253993.jpgCB Desk with Blue Drawer SOLD

c0140560_2026565.jpgCB Table SOLD

c0140560_20281295.jpgCB Small Table Squire SOLD

c0140560_20292742.jpgCB Lt Brown Desk (両袖)

c0140560_2031139.jpgCB Desk

c0140560_2034782.jpgCB Lounge Table (Removable wooden Top) SOLD

c0140560_20341787.jpgCB Lounge Table (Removable wooden Top) SOLD

c0140560_20355362.jpgCB Desk with Drawers

c0140560_20371221.jpgSewing Kit SOLD

c0140560_20383842.jpgCB Trolley 50's

c0140560_20395116.jpgPastoe Book about Cees Braakman

c0140560_20405530.jpgCB Trolley Beech


Wim Rietveld

c0140560_12313281.jpgWR Drawing Chair(blk cord) SOLD

c0140560_12325686.jpgWR Chair No 116 SOLD

c0140560_12335340.jpgWR Oase Chair SOLD

c0140560_12343648.jpgWR Lamp (Painted)
W41 D50 H140 SOLD

c0140560_12354259.jpgWR Table SOLD

c0140560_13273827.jpgWR Drawing Table 70's SOLD


Arne Jacobsen

c0140560_1240394.jpgAJ Chair Grand Prix

c0140560_12404020.jpgAJ T-Chair

c0140560_12412077.jpgAJ Chair Grand Prix Brown SOLD

c0140560_1242467.jpgAJ FH 3107 Seven Chair Red Fabric SOLD

c0140560_12424255.jpgAJ FH 3107 Seven Chair Lavender Fabric SOLD

c0140560_12453199.jpgAJ FH 3107 Seven Chair Blue Fabric SOLD

c0140560_1246825.jpgAJ FH 3107 Seven Chair Black Fabric SOLD

c0140560_12465072.jpgAJ FH 3107 Seven Chair Black Leather B SOLD

c0140560_12472312.jpgAJ FH 3103 T-Chair Blown Fabric SOLD

c0140560_12475973.jpgAJ FH 3100 Ant Chair Navy Fabric SOLD


Other designers and a maker

c0140560_174032.jpgCor Alons Cabinet

c0140560_1745083.jpgCor Alons Table

c0140560_1754776.jpgcor alons sewing table

c0140560_1771858.jpgcor alons side table glass SOLD

c0140560_1701766.jpgCadovius Wall Unit Large (6 poles) SOLD

c0140560_1714210.jpgCadovius Wall Unit Small (3 poles) SOLD

c0140560_1784666.jpgGispen(216) Chair Used SOLD

c0140560_179407.jpgGispen Table SOLD

c0140560_17105146.jpgBOOKS"GISPEN" SOLD

c0140560_17132350.jpgKristian Vedel Kid's Chair SOLD

c0140560_17141548.jpgM.Visser Table

c0140560_17154545.jpgNico Crajl Folding Chair

c0140560_17171678.jpgNico Crajl Newspaper Stand SOLD

c0140560_1718998.jpgpastoe sofs(Morgussen)SOLD

c0140560_17194927.jpgPastoe Sofa Bed SOLD

c0140560_1721513.jpgPastoe Side Tabel 3 Square shape SOLD

c0140560_17221147.jpgVan beekum Chair White Top SOLD

c0140560_1723334.jpgVan beekum Chair Black Top SOLD

c0140560_17235922.jpglutjens bookcase SOLD

K German 1960's Stool Blk 2p



c0140560_1856498.jpgChairs SOLD


c0140560_1393973.jpgn Known ビニール座面木製椅子 SOLD

c0140560_18572832.jpgSofa Bed (Auping) SOLD

c0140560_15381018.jpgGerman 1960's Stool Green SOLD

c0140560_1763450.jpgGerman 1960's Stool Green B SOLD

c0140560_176070.jpgGerman 1960's Stool Blk SOLD

c0140560_18582597.jpg1950 small chirdren sofa SOLD

c0140560_190081.jpgGerman Arm Chair SOLD

c0140560_1914070.jpgCabinet SOLD

c0140560_1922745.jpgAble to Fold Up Trolley Rectangle SOLD

c0140560_1932032.jpgTrolley with 2 Plate SOLD

c0140560_1945896.jpgPiretti Cloth Racks SOLD

c0140560_1955332.jpgUn Known Tea Trolley

c0140560_1964530.jpgumbrella stands SOLD

c0140560_1974748.jpgtea trolley

c0140560_1984082.jpgwardrobe black steel SOLD

c0140560_1995717.jpgRoating Cabinet

c0140560_1911169.jpgUnknown Wide Cabinet

c0140560_1912321.jpgTV Table SOLD

c0140560_19152018.jpgTile Table(天板GRY 足SILVER) SOLD

c0140560_19141985.jpgFNI 079TILE TABLE SOLD

c0140560_1916072.jpgNesting Small Table with Leather pocket SOLD

c0140560_19201765.jpgSmall Tables Set SOLD

c0140560_19205816.jpgGlass top table SOLD

c0140560_19214771.jpgMetaform Table SOLD

c0140560_19224233.jpgTable Squire SOLD

c0140560_1923548.jpg木製テーブルセット SOLD

c0140560_19244453.jpgCoffee Table SOLD

c0140560_19252439.jpgSmall Side Table Kidney Shape SOLD

c0140560_19261355.jpgSmall Side Table Boomerang Shape SOLD

c0140560_19273471.jpgSide Tabel Kidney Shape SOLD

c0140560_19281740.jpgSide Table Jin-Jang Shape SOLD

c0140560_1929358.jpgSide Table Egg Shape

c0140560_19303023.jpgchirdred plywood table SOLD

c0140560_1944445.jpgDRAWING TABLE SOLD





"TheThreeRobbers for living 1"ってこんなこと。

"TheThreeRobbers for living 2"ってこんなこと。

"TheThreeRobbers for living 3"ってこんなこと。
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